"Improving Skill & Inspiring Talent For God's Glory"
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Since launching in 2003, Christian Musician Summit conferences have been designed for lead worshipers, musicians, tenschnicians, songwriters, and indie artists of all levels who desire to improve skill and inspire talent for God's glory. Tens of thousands of creative people have benefited from sessions led by artists and clinicians who are highly respected in the industry.

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Worship Musician and Christian Musician Magazines are bi-monthly publications devoted to equipping individuals as they seek to lead a life of Christ-centered worship. Worship Musician Magazine is aimed at assisting those who are actively involved in the worship ministry at their local church. This includes leaders, vocalists, instrumentals, & technicians.

Christian Musician Magazine provides practical training through easy to understand articles by some of the best musicians in Christian music. In both publications, you will find timely reviews of gear & music, as well as interviews with your favorite bands & artists.

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  • "My brother and I attended the seminar last year and loved it... We really enjoyed Seattle and thought the conference was first class. I am bringing several people with me this year!"

    - Paul Kraker, Cleveland, OH
  • "The conference was a huge success again, and I really enjoyed being a part of it. The leaders who were running the show have a genuine heart for God and His worshipers. I enjoyed spending time with fellow Christians and learning from the awesome leaders, song writers, musicians, and pastors."

  • "On friday and saturday morning worship emptied me and then filled me back to a renewed urgency and passion for my Lord. the sessions were informative, entertaining and useful for not only myself but for the teams I work with"

  • "I went in this year without much expectation other than spending great time with my team. But the main session speakers were great, the team was inspired and we returned home with renewed passion for praising our God. Wow."

  • "I can’t thank you enough for all the effort you put into this weekend’s summit. You guys made it look easy! My team LOVED coming and you can bet we’ll be back next year!"

    - Jason Strickling
  • "Thank you for all your effort. The weekend was worth far more than I could ever have paid for it. All the classes were great, but one stands out - Leann Albrecht's Prophetic Journey of Worship. It took me to a higher place spiritually - I'm only just beginning to understand where I'm going with it. I can't thank you all enough."

    - Ann Dower
  • "I have seen quite a few venues of this nature over the years and i think that the warmth that resounds from all of you is really beautiful and I am very thankful that there is no pretentious spirit about the organization nor the event itself."

    - Roby Duke, our dearest friend - (Dec. 6, 1956 - Dec. 26, 2007)